4 Easy Steps to Solar Installation - Panels Installation in Hervey Bay - Maryborough

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4 Easy Steps
The most common question we are asked is "what is the process for getting solar energy generated from my roof?"

It’s actually a simple, 4 step process:
       Step 1: Request a site survey
Give us a call or use the website contact form to request a site survey. A highly skilled "surveyor" will visit you at the proposed installation address where he will first discuss your needs and expectations before matching those with the limitations of your budget and site constraints.
       Step 2: Installation of Panels
One of our installation teams will arrive on the scheduled day and install the panel mounting system and panels on your roof. Generally, you do not need to be at home during the panel installation but are, of course, welcome to watch and ask any questions. The installers will also mount your inverter next to your meter box or sub-board. One member of the installation team is a licensed electrician.
       Step 3: Electrical Connections
Once the panels are installed, the electrician will connect the solar panels to the cables, connect the safety switches and the inverter to both the solar panels and your meter box. They will commission and test the system which by now will be fully functional. If you have a meter with a wheel that spins and you are using less electricity in the house than is being produced by the solar panels, you will see something that brings tears to Ergon executives eyes - your meter will be spinning backwards! You will see the benefit of your solar energy system immediately.
We will however not be able to leave this running until Ergon make an appointment with you to switch it on.
     Step 4: Smart Meter Installation
Should you have one of the spinning backwards meters, Ergon will want to change this to a bio-directional solar meter. They will charge you for the replacement of the meter. Usually the cost of this is around $350. Please check with us if you are eligible for this additional charge.
Once your system had been tested and a new meter installed where necessary. The new meter will separately record the amount of electricity your system exports to the energy grid and it is this energy that they will pay you your FIT (feed-in-tariff) for.
Throughout the installation process a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited system designer and supervisor will attend your installation to ensure that the system is installed to the highest installation standard demanded by Sunjuice Solar.
Finally, once the system is signed off by the installer, electrician and CEC supervisor, Sunjuice will provide to you all the documentation needed to understand and how to get the best value out of your solar system. This documentation pack will also contain the operation manuals, warranty information, testing and commissioning results, certificates of compliance and engineering certificates.
Of course, we are always available to take your calls and answer any questions you have at any time.
Our company policy is that our relationship with our customers starts once the system is fully installed.
© Copyright Sunjuice Solar 2020 - ABN 33007065527 - Electrical Contractor Licence: 78648
© Copyright Sunjuice Solar 2020 - ABN 33007065527
Electrical Contractor Licence: 78648
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