How Long do Solar Panels Last?

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It’s no surprise that solar panels are now so popular given how much the world is focused on ways to cut energy usage and minimise their carbon footprint. Solar panels generate clean power with less environmental effect and few moving parts. When installing solar panels to generate their own solar energy, many Australians have the issue of how long do solar panels last. Sunjuice Solar has an answer for you!

Solar panels are made to last more than 25 years. Some solar systems installed in the 80’s are still operational and working at expected capacity. Most solar companies warrant their panels will be performing at around 80% of their original capacity after 25 or 30 years.

With proper maintenance the lifespan of a solar panel can be quite a long time.

Since there are no moving parts, you should expect your solar panels to survive for decades.

Key Factors In Solar Panel Lifespan

The lifespan of residential solar panels can be influenced by a number of factors. The environment in which the panels are working is one of the primary causes of a higher deterioration rate. Solar panels can get dirty over time since they are frequently exposed to wind, rain, dust, and other debris. A maintenance routine is necessary, and it should include wiping and cleaning.

A prolonged period of neglect might cause panels to completely stop producing power. This is why it’s important to regularly inspect your solar panels output.

To safeguard your investment and lifespan of solar panels, Sunjuice Solar only works with manufacturers who provide solar panels with a minimum 25-year performance warranty and a minimum 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

As mentioned above solar panels should last at long time with proper care and regular maintenance. Apart from that, you can also keep a few considerations while purchasing solar panels.

A warranty policy is only useful if the product maker has a presence in Australia (with a location and a website) and a straightforward procedure for filing warranty claims.

Finding a reliable installer is another method to ensure your solar panels have a high chance of lasting as long as they should. Poor installation methods can be the root of many issues that prevent panels from lasting as long as they should.

How to keep your Solar panels functioning Longer?

One often asked question we get is how long solar panels last. Since solar panel deterioration is frequently misunderstood, we hope that this article will help you maximise your residnetial and commercial solar panels output both now and in the future, ensuring that your home receives solar electricity for a long time.

Sunjuice Solar is the best option for you if you’re searching for a reliable and locally operated company in the Wide Bay to install or maintain your solar panels. We only offer the best services thanks to our 14 + years of experience in installing solar systems around the Bay. Contact us  now to learn more!

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