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What is 10.3kW Solar System?

One of the largest residential solar panels systems you can install in your home is a 10.3kW solar system. To accommodate all of these solar panels, you need a large roof.

A 10.3kW solar panel system is capable of powering all the appliances in a large home with five or more bedrooms, including lighting fixtures televisions, computers, refrigerators and washing machines. Not only that, but it can also provide enough energy to power an air conditioning unit and pool pump.

6.6KW solar power system


How much roof area will a 10.3kW solar power installation need?

Before searching for quotes on solar panels 10.3kW price, it is imperative to determine whether or not a 10.3kW solar system can fit on the available area of your roof.

You will want at least 48.6m squares of roof space because each panel will be approximately 1.8m × 1.1m in size. If you can’t determine the size of your roof on your own then you can contact one of our experts to help you measure the dimensions of your roof.


How much electricity generation can I expect from a 10.3kW system?

Approximately 40kWh per day, or 14,600 kilowatt-hours per year, will be produced by a 10.3kW solar system. This amount of electricity is enough to power two to three average Australian homes or one very inefficient home.

When you buy a 10.3kW solar system with Sunjuice, you can rest peacefully knowing that that you are investing in the best, considering that our 10.3kW solar system comes with a 25 year warranty for the panels and a 12 year FULL parts and labour warranty for the inverter.

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10.3kW System with battery

Does your home run on high-energy consumption?

If you use more than 30kWh of electricity each day and at least half of this amount throughout the day, adding a battery to a 10.3kW system might be financially advantageous. A 10.3kW system will produce enough electricity to meet your daytime needs while also charging a 10kWh battery for use at night.

Sunjuice solar provides 10.3kW solar system for a medium house with exceptional and  additional batteries. We work with Australia’s most trusted solar power brands to provide you with the best quality 10kW solar power batteries.

You can get in touch with us to learn more about our 10.3kW solar system with battery price or for additional information.


How much does it cost to install 10.3kW’s of solar?

The technology and materials used will determine the price of a 10.3kW solar system. The most expensive option will provide the highest quality solar panel components with an experienced and detail-oriented installation team.. We recommend that you remain cautious of systems that are less expensive than within our pricing range as difficulties can arise later when using cheap solar options.

Product Warranties

Always, Always check the warranty terms on the products you are buying, usually the longer the term the better the products. Some manufacturers like to advise that they don’t require a long warranty as their products are good enough not require a longer warranty term, but we respond that if their products are good enough why limit the warranty term if they are confident you will not need it. Remember products break no matter how good they are, this is just a fact, a warranty is to ensure that if it does it will not cost you more to replace it, life happens so make sure you get the products with the longest warranties to insure against this unlikely occurrence.

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Looking for the best residential 10.3kW solar system rebate QLD?

Along with providing 10.3kW solar panel systems, we also provide a 6.6kW solar system for house. You can get in touch with us by filling out and submitting the “Request a Quote” form, call us at (07) 4183 0301 or email us at in**@su******.au for more information on residential solar panels Find the most affordable 10.3kW solar system price in QLD today, with Sunjuice Solar.



Anything less is a compromise. We work only with Australia’s most reliable solar power brands and providers.
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Sunjuice currently uses 415W solar panels in Maryborough QLD you will need 25 solar panels to build a 10.3kW solar system.

Once you call us for a quote, our skilled staff can assist you to understand how many panels you require for your home.

On average, a 10.3kW solar system will produce around 40kW per day.

Yes, a 10.3kW is ideal for powering a medium to large house.

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