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The Queensland Government limits the Feed-in-Tariff to Solar Energy Systems of 5kW and less

SOLAR PANEL Maryborough

Solar Panels Installations

Tired of looking for a reliable and trustworthy Solar company in Maybourgh?

Sunjuice Solar will gladly assist you with any form of solar installation. We have 14 years of experience under our belt so trust in us to bring one of the longest solar providers in this area’s expertise to your solar installation.

We, at Sunjuice Solar, have been providing professional solar products and installations for more than 14 years in the Fraser Coast region.

If you want to reduce your high electricity bill and make your home or workplace more energy-efficient, we can provide you with a FREE solar system assessment.

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Top-quality inverters, backed by Australian warranties

Sunjuice Solar believes in delivering its customers the best solar solution. Consequently, we only work with Australia’s most trusted companies for all of our solar products. We provide high-quality solar inverters from Australia’s leading solar brands, including ABB,  Jinko, Radiant, Growatt, Goodwe, Sungrow, Sollis, Aleo, SolaX, Sofar, Ulica, Seraphim and more.

Whatever product you prefer we can supply it to you.


Solar Power For your Home

Thinking of making your home sustainable and cutting down on electricity bills?

Many homes in Maybourgh have had Sunjuice Solar  install their solar panels to save money on electricity bills and to help the environment over the last 14 years. Given the benefits of solar power, it is unquestionably the finest option, and you should not wait to install your solar system, do it now and start saving money on energy costs as soon as possible. We not only offer our customers top brands, but also assist them in selecting the optimum solar system sizes for their home based on their daily power usage. We offer the tier-one quality solar panels ranging from 6.6kW for three to four-bedroom usage to 13.3kW for large houses and small businesses.

Installing solar panels provides long-term value returns by boosting the value of your property as many buyers and tenants now choose a solar-efficient home.

Our professionals will not only guide you in finding the best residential solar panel in Maryborough, but they will also assist you in obtaining excellent rebates.

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Solar Power for Business

Tired of incurring more debt than earnings on your business?

Commercial solar panels in Maybourgh are a fantastic choice if you want to save money on your daily electricity bill. Sunjuice Solar understands how critical it is to expand a business and get the most of an investment. We design and install affordable solar soloutions for companies of all sizes. We can provide a complete and effective solar installation by taking into account your power requirements, location, available space, and other factors.

Still not sure why you should choose Sunjuice Solar for your commercial solar installation?

It is because we provide FREE solar system installation for chosen enterprises up to 30kW (107 x 370W solar panels) in size and make solar energy available to you at HALF the price you are presently paying. That is a 50% cost savings on your electricity today without having to spend a dime. Contact us to know if your business is eligible for FREE solar installation – *conditions apply

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Save your Electricity Bills in Maryborough

Solar power is fed into the home as it is generated and used before drawing power from the grid.

This means that every kWh of solar power utilised in the home directly reduces your power bill by the amount you would have spent for the electricity otherwise. The greatest financial benefit of solar electricity is the reduction in your power bill. We, at Sunjuice Solar, take pride in delivering our clients the finest solar solutions, which saves them maximum on their electricity bills!!



Anything less is a compromise. We work only with Australia’s most reliable solar power brands and providers.
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The cost of solar panel installation in Maryborough depends upon the type of solar products you choose, size and location for installation. We, at Sunjuice Solar, will provide you with the best value most affordable solar installations by tailoring the plan according to your budget. Contact us today for a quote. 

To learn more about rebates please contact us and let our professionals walk you through the process.

The solar rebate available in Qld is determined by a number of factors. The kW installed and the number of STCs are the two most important factors examined for rebate. Contact us today and let our professional assist you in determining the exact rebate you will receive for your solar in Maryborough.

Almost 100% of consumers are eligible for the government rebates on new solar systems. To find out if you are qualified for a rebate, contact one of our pros and let them assist you in calculating your rebate eligibility for solar power in Maryborough.

Contact us now for a site survey and confirmation that we are able to supply you with half-price electricity.