13.3kW Solar System

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With high power bills and consumption, a 13.3kw solar system is the best option. We provide a wide range of services and the best solutions. To obtain an estimate for your new solar system, feel free to call on 1800 SUNJUICE(78658423) or (07) 4183 0301 or leave a message on our website, and we will contact you.

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Looking for a long-lasting solar system for a small scale business?

A 13.3 kW solar system is an excellent choice for large residential and small business sites. A 13.3kW solar system will cover the average Australian household’s annual energy use of around 19,418 kWh or between 48 – 53kWh’s per day. 13.3kW solar systems can generate enough electricity to allow you to get off the grid. Excess energy generated by a 10kW off-grid solar system can be stored in solar batteries for later use.

Sunjuice Solar uses tier-one quality solar PV panels with 15-25 year guarantees. It is the largest size solar system you can install on single phase power.

If you have three-phase power supply you can install 1 x 13.3kW system per phase.

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Light up your Premises with a Modern 13.3kW Solar Power System

A 13.3kW solar system installed in Australia can generate up to 52kWh per day on average, which is a lot of power in one day!

During the day, the solar system will create power, which will be utilised first by your residence. Any excess energy will be exported to the grid. Excess energy produced can also be stored in solar batteries or as hot water in your electric hot water system.

Consuming as much solar electricity as possible is the best approach to maximise your savings and returns on your solar system.

You are allowed to export a maximum of 5kW’s of energy back to the grid per phase

How much electricity generation can I expect from a 13.3kW system?

A 13.32kW solar system can generate anywhere from 11,000 to 15,000 kWh of electricity per year.


How much roof space is required for a 13.3kW solar power system?

Before installing a 13.3kW solar power system, our expert professionals will check the size of your roof to ensure that you get the most out of your solar system.

Sunjuice Solar has been in the industry for over 14 years and have the experience necessary to advise what is best for all your energy requirements and how solar can help achieve that.

We not only assist you with installation, but also ensure that you obtain the best 13.3kW solar system price. Our primary goal is to assist consumers in saving money as well as the environment.

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Technical Specifications for 13.3kW Solar Power System

Solar panels come in a variety of sizes. Panels ranging from 300 watts per panel to 560 watts per panel are available on the market now. The number of panels multiplied by their respective outputs equals the size of a solar system.

Using a 370-watt solar panel as an example, a 13.3kW solar system will require approximately 36 solar panels.

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Anything less is a compromise. We work only with Australia’s most reliable solar power brands and providers.
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The cost of installing a 13.3kW solar system depends on various factors, including the type of solar panel and brand, inverter type, house power design (single-phase or three-phase), roof  coverings (tiled roofs cost more to install on than steel roofs), single vs double storey and how far away you are from Sunjuice’s office.

A 10kW solar inverter or 2 x 5kW solar inverters are recommended for a 13kW solar system. A larger battery size, ranging from 10kWh to 50kWh, is required for an off-grid solar panel installation. A larger battery size provides the consumer with more days of energy independence. 

The price of a solar power system is determined by many specifications, and unlike other products a lower cost product does not necessarily mean lesser solar output and lower energy production.

A cheaper 370W solar panel will produce the same 370W’s as that of a more expensive 370W panel brand .

Check the product warranties if you want to ensure quality and remember in Australia the Clean Energy Council (CEC) will not approve any solar equipment unless it has been passed by them as suitable for sale in this market, so ALL solar products they approve for sale are good enough to pass their stringent quality tests, all you have to do is to determine how much you want to spend and what product comes closest to that.

Contacting us and seeking a quote from our professional team is the easiest approach to receive an estimate to buy 13.3kW solar system. We believe in providing quality service to our customers while also tailoring the best solution to their budget.

A 13kW solar system will consist of 30 – 40 panels, depending on the size of the solar panel. In Australia, the average is roughly 36 panels.

A 13kW solar system installed in Australia will generate approximately 52kWh per day on average.

Yes, our 13.3 solar panel system can power a house with heavy electricity demand.

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