Residential Solar Systems

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The Queensland Government limits the Feed-in-Tariff to Solar Energy Systems of 5kW and less



Everyone has different reasons for investing in a Residential Solar Energy System. The overwhelming majority of homeowners want to reduce their exposure to future electricity price rises. Most people want to eliminate their electricity bill altogether. We have many customers who installed smaller systems initially to maximize the benefit from the Federal Government’s Solar Credits Scheme and found the return on their investment so attractive that they increased the size of their system and reduced even further their electricity bill FOREVER.
You can control your energy costs and say no to this constant onslaught of price increases by installing Solar so don’t delay any further, give Sunjuice a call and take control of your electricity bill now and forever.
Please don’t delay and be forced to accept energy price increases which show no sign of slowing down, historically they are increasing at an unprecedented rate, take control of your soaring energy costs today and give us a call, we can save you thousands of dollars.
If you do nothing else today, at least let us give you a quote to show how much you could save by installing Residential Solar Systems in Maryborough, Hervey Bay, and the Fraser Coast area.
solar panels installed on the roof


Solar System Size And Price Guide

Suitable for family homes (with three to four bedrooms but subject to the roof being large enough to accommodate all of the Solar panels required)
For larger homes
Large family homes which have roof space large enough to accommodate 7.7kw of solar panels
10.3KW solar panels

10KW Premium Tier 1 panels

For even larger homes
Large family homes which have roof space larger enough to accommodate 10kw of solar panels
The largest you can get (per phase)
Suitable for small-scale business operations.
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