13.3 KW Solar System- Everything You Need to Know About

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Using solar energy is the best way to go economical and save money. Solar PV panels allow you to utilise the sun’s energy to power your house and fulfil energy needs. The solar system and its correct use can provide you with various advantages, including financial and environmental. However, it is essential to choose the right type and size of the solar system for your residential or commercial space. The 13.3kW solar system is one of the most efficient solar system sizes for power generation in bigger houses or commercial properties. Inverter’s capability, size, efficiency, and ideal environment are the factors that should be considered while choosing 13.3kW solar system.

Is a 13.3 kW solar system worth it?

The solar system is eco-friendly and proved to be a perfect fit for large residential homes. You can utilise it for the best functioning of commercial units. The 13.3 kW solar system can fulfill all the energy requirements. It can cover the average Australian household usage, calculated at around 19,418 kWh per year. A 13.3 kW solar system is sufficient for normal household and commercial purposes.

How Do I Know if the 13KW System is Ideal for Me?

When investing in a solar system, it may at least last for a minimum of 12 to 25 years. It is best to get the system with maximum benefits and features at reasonable prices. There is not a drastic difference between the normal and 13.3 kW solar system price. You can easily identify the ideal solar system for your house.

  • Power consumption – Your power consumption capability helps you to identify the ideal system for your use. If you are consuming more than 25 kWh, then the 13 kW solar system is your best choice. You can check your bill and identify the power usage to consider whether 13.3 kW is the suitable solar system for your residential use.
  • Electricity bill – Notice and observe the electricity bill as it may assist you with making a sound decision. If you are paying $250 per month on your uitlity bills for your household use, then the 13.3 kWh solar system is the excellent solar system to prefer. You can freely use the air conditioner, electrical heater, oven, electric dryer, and electric car regularly.
  • Focus on budget – It is essential to focus on the budget when buying a solar system. Every home has different energy needs and you can avail government initiated rebates according to your state. You will find that the installation cost and inverter cost are $1/w. A 6 kW system can cost $12,000 – $14,000. Meaning you will need two 6 kW solar systems to produce energy similar to 13.3 kW, which doubles the cost.

You should measure the roof space for the installation of the system. The panels have a size of around 1762 mm x 994 mm which is 1.75 m2. Always consider the 13.3 kW solar system to be facing North without any hindrance or bigger objects.

How much power does a 13.2 kW solar system produce per day?

It is worth identifying the power production of the solar system. It can ease your decision of choosing the best solar system for your commercial or residential use. The standard 13.2 kW solar system generates 23 kW – 27 kW energy per day. It is sufficient for medium and large families.

How many solar panels are in a 13 kW system?

There are 40 panels in the 13kW solar system providing a maximum output of about 350W. It is quite efficient and satisfactory for household with heavy appliances.

Cost of 13.3 kW solar system

The 13.3 kW solar system price is approximately between $10,000 to $20,000.

Choose the suitable solar system

You can get the perfect 13.3 kW solar panel at a reasonable cost from a certified retailer. Consider and check all the factors before installing the solar system.

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